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Bill & Ted Face the Music

It's been 29 years since we last saw our heroes, and in that time, they've failed to unite the world and bring about a Utopia. What they have managed to do is raise a pair of girls, and somehow stay the kind, lovable doofuses we all love despite how cynical the world has gotten. But that's not enough, unfortunately, and with time unraveling as we know it, they have 90 minutes to save the world. Bill and Ted decide to travel to the future to steal music from themselves, while their daughters (unbeknownst to them) travel through time to put together a most bodacious band in order to help their dads. Hijinks ensue. That's about all I can say without going into spoilers.

I don't really know how to review this film without going into heavy details, and I really don't want to do that, so I'll say this. If you've seen the previous films, you know what to expect. Personally, I don't think that's a bad thing because I love the characters. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter somehow manage to slip right back into our beloved idiots without missing a beat. Their daughters Billie and Thea (aka Little Bill and Little Ted) were a surprising highlight, somehow coming off as smarter than, but also just as dumb, as our heroes. Like Bill and Ted, they are a constant duo, even always referring to Bill and Ted as "dads," in the plural. The young actresses, Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Pain imitate the Bill and Ted characters almost flawlessly, and they shine every time they're on the screen.

But what about the plot? The time travel? The cinematography!?!?! It doesn't matter and you know it. The movie is about the characters, and the humor in putting such a pair of dweebs in ridiculous situations. I wouldn't call the film gut-bustingly funny, but I did find myself laughing out loud several times. More importantly, I found myself smiling throughout the entire film. If I had to summarize this movie in one word, it would be "wholesome." None of the humor is mean spirited, and while they view themselves as failures (at least at the start), Bill & Ted clearly love their wives and daughters just as much as they love each other. Quite frankly, considering the current nightmare that is 2020, I think wholesomeness and love is something the world could use a lot more of.

Rating: Excellent! *air guitar

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