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Stranger Things 3 Final Trailer Breakdown

Every breath you take

Well folks, it's almost here. We're only two weeks away from the premiere of Stranger Things 3 and the final trailer dropped yesterday. So, I'm going to break it down for you, everyone should know the drill by this point. Let's go. *Stranger Things theme plays.

We start with a panning shot of the Fun Fair before cutting to Steve, Dustin, Robin, and Lucas' obnoxious sister (Erica) trapped in the elevator, they all look concerned. An ominous narration begins: "You let us in." Cut to the kids sitting in a living room watching as Eleven does her thing. Her eyes are covered with a bandana and her nose is bleeding. "And now." Jump to Eleven (in the same clothes, so presumably this follows the previous scene) in the Upside Down, which is now red, as a storm appears to be brewing overhead. "You are going to have to let us stay." I think this is most likely the Mind Flayer. Netflix logo.

"It doesn't make sense," Eleven says as we flashback to her closing the gate during last season's finale. "I closed the gate." Cut to the hill with the radar the kids put up in the last trailer. It's night and Steve, Dustin, Robin and Erica look out at the town. Cut to Will in a movie theater. He puts his left hand on his neck as if feeling something, he seems troubled. Will speaks: "What if we locked him out here with us?" Cut to the rats, they're running into an abandoned building with a sign that says "Erimborn Steelworks." So, I think it's safe to say this used to be a steel mill. Will continues: "He'd want to attach himself to someone again." The rats continue to run as they're chased by what looks like smoke. We get a brief image of the Mind Flayer before cutting to Billy. "A new host," Will says as we get a close up of Billy's eyes. A black infection is slowly spreading in. I think it's safe to say Billy is going to be the host for the Mind Flayer, which fits with previously established theories based on the last trailer. I'm also going to add that while I think it's completely out of him, I think Will still has some kind of connection to the Mind Flayer due to its time inside him and the week he spent in the Upside Down. Music speeds up and THIS JULY 4TH (in the Benguiat Bold font of course) appears onscreen.

We cut to four people in red hazmat suits starring at some type of blue energy thing (I don't know how to describe it). Eleven is on a beach and says, "it's building something," as she sees a coming storm. A police vehicle in the woods is stopped, the man from the last trailer who is giving off a Terminatoresque vibe bends down, looking at something. He then looks up. "No matter what happens, we have to stop him." Mike says from the basement. Next, we see some arming up. Nancy turns on a light in a shed and grabs a shotgun while Jonathan grabs an axe. In the Mall court Lucas practices with his slingshot. "Together" Mike finishes. The group does the thing where they all stand back-to-back in a circle.

"Now it's time," the ominous voice returns. A figure stands in the shadows and the foot of the monster from the last trailer steps forward. "We're going to end you." We see a shot of the kids in the mall, followed by a shot of Joyce, Hopper and Maury Bauman. Cut to fireworks at the Fun Fair. "We are going to end your friends. Then, we are going to end everyone." Something moves through the trees. Now we come to the rapid cut thins.

- Mayor Kline giving a speech.

- People on a ride at the fair.

- A close-up of two people holding hands. We don't see their faces but based on the clothes I think it's Hopper and Joyce.

- Armed soldiers breech a facility, Joyce says "Our kids are in danger."

- Mike, Eleven and Max hide behind a counter, reminiscent of the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park.

- Joyce struggles to reach an off button, says "We need to end this."

- Mike and Will watch as Eleven seems to fight something

- "I can fight." Eleven says to Hopper. "Better than any of us," he replies. "But I need you safe."

- Steve and Dustin pull some weird green science thing out of box. "What the hell?" Steve says.

- We cut to a generator and a bunch of people in hazmat suits and masks that look very Soviet. I'm guessing that the Russians are trying to open a gate to the Upside Down.

- Dustin and Erica at the hill watch as a bunch of helicopters fly towards Hawkins.

- Hopper fights Terminator guy punches him in the face.

- Billy's car speeds towards the mall in a scene that mimics Back to the Future.

- "I need you to trust me." Eleven says to Mike as they hold hands. I can't see why he wouldn't. The kids run through a set of double doors.

- The monster lurks over Nancy, she screams.

- Eleven stops a pair of tentacles from entering what could be Will's house or Mike's basement.

- Energy generator thing again.

- Lucas shoots the wrist rocket.

- Max is crying.

- Billy walks towards the camera, he's infected with something.

- Will puts his hand to the back of his neck again.

- Max looks up in the Mall court and sees something

- Dustin says, "Holy mother of God."

- Mike's draw drops at whatever Max is seeing.

- Eleven looks up at the same thing, her nose is bleeding.

- The lights in Starcourt Mall go out.

- Inside the mall, Will, Jonathan, Nancy and Lucas hide behind a car. Max, Mike and Eleven hide under a desk. We can hear something moving. Everyone looks terrified.

- Dustin's voice comes over the walkie talkie, a clawed tentacle crushes it.

- Cut to black, we hear a roar. Stranger Things theme plays as the logo appears.

That's it folks. We only have to wait two weeks, but it still feels like an eternity. Can't wait to discuss this season with everyone.

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