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Game Awards 2018

A night full of disappointment.

I know, it's been two weeks without a post. The short version is my grandfather passed away and then I caught a cold. On top of that, internet hasn't been working properly and I've been unable to post. So that's been my life lately. Anyway, I watched the game awards live, wrote what I could immediately, and later polished this up. Tallyho.


Geoff Keighly comes out, blahblahblah. Says we're going to get some new trailers. I won't lie, if I didn't have this blog, I'd be here simply for the rumored Dragon Age 4. Also hoping to hear about Alien Blackout.

I think Red Dead Redemption 2 will get game of the year, but I'm pulling for God of War. I'm probably going to sound like I'm complaining about RD2, but I'm not. It will deserve everything that it wins, I'd just like to see some other stuff win as well. It's like when Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out and swept everything. Sure, it's a great game, but I would've liked to see Horizon Zero Dawn and Nioh pick up some more awards. But I digress.

World Premiere Trailer: I don't even know how to describe this. Something from Nintendo. Looks very Tron-like with K-pop style dancing. Not my kind of game.

Josef Fares is introduced. He did A Way Out. I missed what he said.

Okay, the award for best Action Game, it goes to Dead Cells, an indie game. Holy crap that's awesome. I can't believe beat Far Cry 5 and Destiny 2. Awesome. I'd have expected this to go to a AAA title. It's nice to see a good indie beat it. I still haven't played Dead Cells, but it's on my list.

New Trailer: Journey to the Savage Planet. Huh, not enough information to have an impression. Adventure game, you get dropped on a planet by a corporation. Gameplay to be shown next year. So, I guess you can look forward to that.

Another award, best role-playing game. Goes to Monster Hunter World. I haven't played this, but I've heard nothing but good things. I'll get it eventually in a couple years when it's only $20. Completely unrelated to video-games, but I actually understood what the first guy said (in Japanese) so that was cool.