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The Cyberpunk 2077 demo breakdown

Well I promised something special this week, and this is it. The Cyberpunk 2077 demo breakdown. I originally wasn’t going to do this because I figured everyone else would, particularly some of the YouTube channels that are WAY more popular than me. But I really, REALLY wanted to, and my Dad managed to convince me. So, let's treat this as a celebration of finally getting out of my nightmare living scenario. That’s right, I’m in a new place and I even have, *gasp*, my own room. Boot up your computers and get those cables jacked into your skull. You know the drill.

So, as we start, there’s a quick reminder that this is a work in progress and not everything is final, it’s still one of the best-looking games I’ve ever seen. We start with character creation, by choosing your gender. There are a lot of ways to customize appearance, but for the demo, they simply go with V’s default female look. I actually really like the look of both default versions of V, but it looks like there’s a ton of customization options. Next, we have the backstory and three major events, each with three options, that will have different repercussions further down the line. The options are as follows:

Childhood Hero: Samurai Rockerboy - Johnny Silverhand, Soldier of Fortune - Morgan Blackhand, Corporate God - Saburo Arasaka.

Key Life Event: Death of Sibling, Ran Away from Home, First Big Kill.

Why Night City? Unfinished Business, Ex-lover in Town, Something to Prove. I don’t know if these are going to be the only options, or if those were the only ones available for the demo, but I can already start thinking of the possibilities, and I can easily imagine playing the game two or three times to see everything. I know for my first playthrough I’ll be going with Johnny Silverhand as my childhood hero, since until they announced they were only having 3 classes in the game (and even then, its fluid so you aren’t tied to one thing) I was planning on playing a Rockerboy. Because I love the idea of fighting authority with the power of Rock & Roll, and I also love the idea of playing a Bard character who makes all his charisma checks with guitar solos. Picture the following.

Bard: My party and I need to get into this building.

Guard: I can’t allow that. Bard: But Sir, have you considered the following? *whips out guitar and proceeds to shred.

Guard: You present a compelling argument, carry on.

Lastly, you put points into your stats: Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Reflexes, Tech, Cool. I think these are all self-explanatory. Next, we go to the actual game-play, which takes place near the beginning of the game. Quick note, the demo that I’ve seen plays V as a female, so for the purpose of this breakdown, that is how I will be referring to her.

V and her friend Jackie have been hired to find a missing woman, they exit an elevator that has “No Future” carved into the door. Possible Sex Pistols reference? Jackie is a big guy, who is physically strong and seems to be packing a lot of fire power. Definitely the kind of companion you want on quests. The pair move quickly but cautiously through the building, it looks like a slum, and it probably is. The dirty look of it reminds me of the Megablocks from Judge Dredd, specifically the ones in the 2012 film with Karl Urban. Jackie and V come across a dead cyborg, whose had several implants removed. Whoever is behind the kidnapping appears to be harvesting people’s implants, presumably to sell on the black market.

Moving forward they manage to get the drop on the lookout who isn’t paying attention, V butts her gun against his head before putting a bullet into the guy’s brain, after which she takes a reflex booster. It works like an inhaler, V puts it to her mouth, presses the button and inhales, allowing V to use Karasnikov, an ability that lets you slow down time. Think bullet time from The Matrix. Jackie and V quickly get into a firefight, taking cover and firing back at the scavenger gang. V slows time down for a few seconds to dodge bullets and get better aim. One of the gang members runs into the next room and seals the door. Before Jackie can pry it open (I told you he was strong) the enemy starts firing at you THROUGH THE WALL, forcing V to find cover. V fires back, but her bullets can’t seem to get through the concrete. She finds a window to her left and hops through, letting her flank the guy and get a few shots in. Before he can return fire Jackie breaks through the door and tackles him, quickly beating the guy to death with a couple strong punches. He takes the dead man’s giant gun.

The last place to look is the bathroom, and V finds two naked bodies lying a tub filled with ice water, one of them is the target. V pulls the woman out, and then pulls a cable-jack out of her left wrist and plugs it into the woman’s neck to check her vitals. She’s alive, but just barely. CD Projekt Red has been criticized by some people and various outlets for what has been deemed “excessive nudity” in this game (which is funny since people have only seen the demo and not the rest of it), to which I say, did none of you play The Witcher 3? I’m su