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WTF am I doing here?

So, this is my first blog post (*blows party horn). I know what you’re thinking, Jason, why are you starting a blog? Two reasons: 1. So my roommate will stop bugging me about starting one. 2. Shameless self-promotion. I want to be a professional writer, and right now all I have to show for it is an unpublished (as of yet) novel (buy it when it comes out. Please. I’m broke). So, what do I plan to do with this thing? I don’t honestly have one specific agenda, its mostly going to be reviews of games, movies and books. I realize there are plenty of people doing that, so why should you read mine as opposed to any hundreds of others? Because I’m not on Tumblr, which means less drama. Oh, and lists, people like lists. So, this is going to have a lot of lists and retrospectives. The retrospectives are because I’m new to this and don’t get free review copies of video games. So even my new reviews probably won’t be out the day of release, but I’ll do my best. The plan is to update every Friday, Saturday at the latest. Because as Dr. Malcolm once said, “Life uh, finds a way.” Granted I’m not talking about genetically cloned dinosaur reproduction, but the point still stands. My next post will be right after this one since this is simply an introduction. First up: the new God of War. I hope you stick around. And if you don’t, thanks for stopping by anyway.

-Jason H.

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