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October 26, 2018

            Michael Meyers is back for his tenth, and hopefully final, outing (doubtful but a guy can dream). This film ignores everything after the first Halloween, serving as a direct sequel to it. Yes, it even ignores the, quite good in my opinion, Halloween II. So,...

October 18, 2018

       I know what you’re thinking, this game came out last month, why are you reviewing it now? Simple, otherwise I can’t use it as a tax write off. What? No one sends me free copies. Mild Spoilers to follow, however almost none of them will come as a surprise if you...

October 12, 2018


     Hidden Gems is what I hope will be another semi-regular series here on Average Caucasian Shark, along with 80s Night Bitches! Similarly, it’s going to look at less well-known properties, but the difference is that it’s not confined to 80s movies, it can be...

October 9, 2018


     Warning, Spoilers to follow. Most will be mild, but there’s one that’s major if you haven’t followed any of the news about this film.








      I was a bit nervous when this film was announced. A Spider-Man spin-off without Spider-Man an...

October 6, 2018

     Well I promised something special this week, and this is it. The Cyberpunk 2077 demo breakdown. I originally wasn’t going to do this because I figured everyone else would, particularly some of the YouTube channels that are WAY more popular than me. But I really, R...

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